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*Southern Ingenuity has been hand selected by Linkedin Profinder to offer our professional skills to professionals and businesses throughout the US.

Wanting to make your online presence noticable?  Lost as to where to begin?  Southern Ingenuity is here to handle your every online need.  Southern Ingenuity is a full service website development company fully aware that you have a full plate trying to grow your business without the extra burden of managing your online presence.   Leave it all to us!  Do what you do your company and we'll handle all of that time consuming online stuff.  Southern Ingenuity...your online presence development specialists!

Rodney Strange

Meet the man behind Southern Ingenuity

Rodney Strange , the owner of Southern Ingenuity, created his first webstie in 1995, before there was ever a Google, or Apple or Facebook,  Rodney Strange discovered two things in 1995: the internet and the lack of quality and informative websites on the internet. While the world became infatuated with Yahoo, online gaming, and chat, Strange found himself drawn to the opposite end of the development. Tinkering with web design for years, Strange delved head first into website design in 2004 with his first #1 Google ranked site. The following year he developed his second #1 ranked site. Throughout the years, Rodney Strange has kept abreast of the ever changing world of coding and web design. While his primary interest lies in his own site creations and maintenance, Mr. Strange has recently decided to occasionally take on projects for clients, again achieving both elegant and functional web design and top rankings.
Here at Southern Ingenuity, we understand that everyone's needs are different.  Want a simple yet elegant blogging site that is easy to use?  We can have you online before the sun sets.  Want 'hands-on' management of your site?  We'll be glad to coach you every step of the way.  Want a full service web management company overseeing your online presense?  We got you covered!

Online presence...more than just a website

We understand better than anybody that carving out a prominent spot in the online world takes more than just a website.  Social Media is the vehicle that drives traffic to your website in this day and time.  For a business to succeed, it must take social media seriously.   Southern Ingenuity has incorporated all avenues of social media into its own endeavors and we know what brings customers to your site and to your front door.  We are qualified, social media oriented, and  are well versed in the strategies that will work for you.   Feel free to enquire about turning over your social media management to us!
Social Media Management
Content Management

Content Management Specialists

We know you don't want your website to be a one night stand!  Potential customers need a valid reason to return time and time again.  And this is where Southern Ingenuity outshines the rest!  Rodney Strange has made a name for himself as an author and blogger, drawing 4.5 million readers to his own website last year.  In addition to being adept in writing whatever copy you may require for your webstie, he is a guru at harvesting content from all across the internet and implementing it into his online channels.  Whether you wish for a  daily recipe on your site, or a quote of the day, or a full-fledged blog, Southern Ingenuity can make it happen.  You will not find another organization better equiped to make your content stand out!

Generate income from your online presence.

If you've made it this far down the page, you know by now we don't need to convince you that we know what we're doing.  We've been there and done it all and we know what works and what doesn't.  Whether you want to make a few extra bucks inplementing Google Adsense or placing Amazon ads on your site...or you're looking to market your own product, we're the go-to experts to assist you.
Generate income from your website


We know what you want.  We've been there.  In fact, we're still right where you are, out there struggling to make our goals and dreams come true.  We want to succeed and we want you to succeed, for if you do...we both have accomplished our goal!  Southern Ingenuity will not let you down...and we'll be there, cheering for your success all the way to the top!

*Please note:  Mr.Strange does not accept all clients.  If he feels that he cannot achieve what you will be satisfied with, he won't waste your time or money.   In addition, there may be times when our workload will not permit us to serve you in a timely manner.  It is our ultimate goal to send you away happy, even if it means sending you to another web design specialist.


Thank you for your interest in our services. We will get back with you shortly.